What is SR22 Insurance and Who Needs It?

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Insurance

Many insurance companies try to keep paperwork to a minimum, for both the customer and their own sanity. However, certain forms of documentation are unavoidable. One of these is the ever-confounding SR-22. This one confuses many people, since if you don’t have any significant smear on your driving record, you’re unlikely to ever see one yourself. However, if you do need to get one, it’s best you know the process going in. If you are in need of SR-22 insurance in Rockford, here is the basic guide to what it is and who generally needs it.

What is it?

This document is required when you get into an accident or commit some kind of driving related offense that ends with your license being revoked. It is otherwise known as a certificate of financial responsibility. Despite usually getting this document from your insurance company, however, it is not a form of insurance itself. Your insurance company sends this form upon being filled out to the state in order to confirm that you have an active policy that meets your state’s liability requirements.

Who needs it?

As stated above, you will need it in the event you have had your license revoked, or when you fail to show financial responsibility after an accident. This means you cannot prove that you can pay for damages that you may cause when driving. Events that may cause you to be in need of it are as follows.

  • Revoked/suspended license
  • Getting into an at-fault accident with no insurance
  • Getting caught driving without insurance at all
  • Several tickets in a short time frame

Sometimes the SR-22 is court ordered, in which case you will be notified by the court when you need one. It can also be state-ordered, in which case you shall be notified by your state’s DMV. Either way, once notified, you will have to contact your insurance company as soon as you can, so that they can file it with the state. Do not wait when you’re notified of needing it. Call your insurance company immediately to get out in front of this as best as you can. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance at https://www.accurateautoins.com for more information. Follow us on Google+.

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