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Structured settlements are often taken at their maturity point, or when they reach their annuity, but there is also an option where you can withdraw them early. However, you might need to pay a price for it.

Structured settlement cash advance does not come without its drawbacks. You might need to pay tax penalties and pay early withdrawal fees that might take a bite out of your original payment.

How it Works

There’s no doubt about it that structured settlements take their time. You must be patient unless you’re in contact with a company that is paying you in advance. But don’t forget that the purchasing company will certainly go through your documents and ensure that your payment isn’t blocked by a court order or something else.

In case you’re in contact with a reliable structured settlement company, you’ll end up receiving a good offer, since they don’t charge interest or fees on cash advances.


On the bright side, you can receive cash early. Since the economy is unpredictable, you never know when your currency can take a dip. When the value of your currency depreciates, you will have to pay more to buy the same thing.

Plus, you can invest your payment from the structured settlement cash advance in stocks or start up your own business. Or maybe you want to renovate your house, buy a new car, or travel abroad, either way, advance payments can really help you out by bringing cash up front.

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