How to Buy and Sell Crypto at Bitcoin ATM Locations in Orlando, FL

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Financial Services

If you are interested in investing in the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin ATM locations in Orlando, Florida are a great place to do it. ATMs offer you the most anonymity of any crypto purchasing method in the world with even more security than traditional Bitcoin exchanges. One ideal aspect of Bitcoin ATMs is that you can both buy and sell the currency at each location. Here’s how.

How to Buy Bitcoin at an ATM

First, press the “Buy Bitcoin” button from the transaction screen. The machine will then ask you to enter your mobile phone number. If it’s your first time purchasing at an ATM, you will be asked to set up a private PIN number that you will use for all future transactions. Next, you will either scan your digital wallet or create a one-time paper wallet for that transaction only. You can then add Bitcoin to this wallet once you deposit cash into the machine.

How to Sell Bitcoin at an ATM

To sell the Bitcoin you own, click “Withdraw Cash” on the transaction screen then enter your mobile phone and PIN number on the number pad. After you have selected the amount of Bitcoin you wish to withdraw, use your digital wallet to scan the QR code on the screen. Once you have completed these steps, you will be texted a redemption code. Then, a second text will be sent to you once it is confirmed and you can redeem the redemption code for cash right there.

Find an ATM Online

Visit the RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM website to search for Bitcoin ATM locations in Orlando, Florida. You may be surprised at just how close one of these ATMs is to you.

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