Factors that Determine the Premium for Motorcycle Insurance in Tulsa, OK

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Insurance

Riding is a passion for many people. People love riding their motorbikes over long distances just to enjoy the thrill that this activity offers. The soaring winds, the sheer power of the engine, and the open roads make for an excellent experience. However, before you take your expensive motorcycle on the road, it’s important for you to purchase motorcycle insurance. The odds of being involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle are significantly higher as compared to driving a car. Furthermore, the damage can also be pretty extreme. Therefore, it’s important for you to protect yourself first. Before you go to purchase motorcycle insurance, here are some important factors that you should know about.


The model of your motorcycle plays a big role in determining the corresponding insurance premium. If you are riding a heavier, more powerful bike, it will obviously come with a variety of safety and security features. For starters, newer motorcycles now come with anti-locking brakes. Purchasing motorcycle insurance in Tulsa, OK isn’t a problem, especially if you happen to own a newer bike, as the insurance premium will be significantly lower.

Accident History

If you have been involved in several biking accidents in the past, your transgressions simply show that you are not an experienced rider. This means that the insurance company will have to take on more risk when they give you an insurance policy. Needless to say, the company will demand a higher premium when selling motorcycle insurance to individuals who have been involved in numerous accidents.


The deductible amount that you decide upon can also impact the premium. If you are confident in your riding ability, you should set a higher deductible. If you decide on a higher deductible, the premium cost will decrease significantly. Ideally, it’s best to request quotes from two or three different companies before making a decision.

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