What You Should Ask Car Insurance Companies

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Insurance

In California, automobile owners must follow the laws related to insurance requirements. These laws indicate that all owners must have no less than liability coverage. If they don’t comply with the laws, the state can and will issue fines. Car Insurance Companies provide assistance in providing policies that comply with these laws.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

The minimum requirements for liability auto insurance begin with $15,000 for each single victim accident that occurs. They must also acquire a maximum coverage level of $30,000 for any accident involving more than one victim. The policy must also provide at least $5,000 for all property damage that happens during the accident.

Liability coverage provides payment for the victim’s injuries and their property damage. If the automobile owner needs further coverage, they should consider additional policies. Comprehensive coverage is the highest coverage level available. It provides coverage for all parties involved if the automobile owner is at fault. This includes their own expenses.

When is Proof Needed?

Proof of insurance is needed when the automobile owner is stopped during a traffic stop. They must present evidence of their coverage to the officer. This includes checkpoints in which all vehicles must stop. The drivers also present proof when registering a new vehicle or renewing their tag.

What Penalties May Apply?

In California, the penalty for no insurance begins at $200. This fine is applied at any time the driver is caught operating the vehicle without their auto insurance. It also applies if the policy is canceled and the owner doesn’t present new evidence of proof through a new insurance carrier.

When Should Coverage Be Increased?

Coverage is increased when the driver is identified as a risk. Circumstances such as driving under the influence or while intoxicated require additional coverage. This includes SR-22 certification.

In California, automobile owners must comply with auto insurance laws. They must acquire coverage through a licensed insurance company. They must present proof of coverage whenever they are stopped or acquire new registration. They face penalties if they don’t manage their policies appropriately. Auto owners should contact Car Insurance Companies or visit us website to acquire free quotes for coverage today.

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