Differences In Ford Truck Models For Bridgeton Buyers

One of the many important considerations when choosing a Ford truck is to choose the right size and model of pickup for your driving needs. At Ford dealerships in Bridgeton, the sales staff can help you in making that choice, but you can also narrow down your options by thinking about the following key factors in making a selection.

Ford F-150

The most iconic of the Ford trucks on the market, the new Ford F-150 is an award-winning truck that is versatile and durable while also being stylish and sophisticated in its design.

AS of 2017, this Ford truck offers the new aluminum alloy frame, which is lighter, stronger and more durable than similar trucks by other manufacturers. There are seven different trim packages offered, and the truck itself will stand out in a parking lot or on the highway.

However, this is not a truck that is all looks. It has a 12, 000lb towing capacity and the ability to stand up to a day’s work.

The Ford Super Duty Trucks

For significant towing and hauling requirements, the line of Ford Super Duty trucks is ready and waiting. These trucks have up to 41,800lb towing capacity, more than enough to haul a 5th wheel trailer, stock trailers, luxury boats or heavy equipment on the job.

Like all of the Ford truck line, the interior of these Super Duty trucks is completed with attention to every detail. Roomy and practical, but also offering all the technology and extra features drivers expect, this is a working vehicle that you will never hesitate to drive in town or to a special event.

With 15 different trim options and many interiors and exterior features, these are safe, dependable and fun vehicles to drive. Take the time to come into the Bridgeton Ford dealership and see these trucks in person as you will not be disappointed.