5 Reasons to Choose Cars over Trucks

Many people today sing the praises of owning a pickup truck. You can enjoy many benefits with trucks, and they are a popular choice today. However, new and used Ford cars in Turnersville have a great deal to offer and here are five reasons to consider cars over trucks, when you shop for a vehicle.

1. Driving

Cars are easy to drive because they have shorter wheelbases than trucks. For example, the new Fusion handles exceptionally well. The low ground clearance and special suspension give it a smooth New and used Ford cars Turnersville ride which is hard to duplicate with a truck.

2. Miles per Gallon

Although gasoline prices may drop some, they are not likely to go back to the days of cheap gas. Most people are greatly concerned about mileage. Although the new trucks get good fuel efficiency they cannot match the mileage you got from new and used Ford cars in Turnersville. You can have a hybrid and electric-powered options for even greater efficiency.

3. Convenience

Unless you need to haul a lot of people, a passenger car like the Fusion offers ample seating space for five passengers. There is plenty of interior room too.

4. Affordable Variety

The new Ford trucks give you plenty of options. However, they may not match the choices you got with new and used Ford cars in Turnersville. You may find more cars available with just the right features at an affordable price when you shop.

5. Parking

Do you have to parallel park often? Maybe your local store or workplace has a small parking lot. It is easier to park most cars than trucks, and this can help you avoid the constant headache of finding a good parking spot. Contact your Ford dealership today about some of their special deals.