Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

by | Nov 30, 2018 | All Investment Options

Purchasing a home is very exciting. Once you locate your dream home, you have to think about how you will ensure it in order to protect your investment. It may be tempting to go with an insurance company in Chicago that a family member uses or friends recommend to you. However, if you want to save money, it may be a better option to look into the insurance agency you use for your current auto insurance.

When you bundle your auto and home insurance in one policy under one insurer, it often leads to savings. Not only can you reduce your premium, but many insurances also offer a savings on deductibles. Insurance bundling is very common among those who own homes and automobiles. It is the process of joining more than one insurance policy under one master policy. There are advantages to doing this.


The most important thing to an insurance company is client retention. When an insurance agency offers multi-line discounts, it gives their clients more of a reason to stay with the company. It also gives their clients a reason to add additional policies to existing ones. So in short, the more insurance policies you bundle the more discounts you get.


When you bundle your homeowner’s insurance with your automobile insurance, making payments becomes a lot more streamlined. Any correspondence like payments, claims and policy changes are communicated through one account manager. This means fewer phone calls and questions, and more answers.

Peace of Mind

There are many different pieces of information contained within an insurance policy; when you have two different insurance agencies, the complexity increases. When you have one insurance agency and one master policy, then it is not difficult and complex; it is simple and straightforward. That is what most want from their insurance policies.

Product bundling is not a new concept and the idea of getting more for less has impacted the insurance world. When you choose to bundle home and auto insurance under one policy, it makes sharing these assets more streamlined and simple for you.

If you are interested in consolidating existing insurance policies under one master policy, or if you would like to insure your home and automobiles, contact Website. Our helpful, experienced agents can help you find the best rates and coverage. .

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