The Benefits of Online Cap Table Management and Transfer Agent Services in the Salt Lake Area

by | May 5, 2020 | Financial Services

Cap table management is a way of keeping track of ownership in the company and prioritizing the needs of its shareholders. Online cap table software and full transfer agent services ensure the private or public company’s table is up to date, accurate and compliant with regulations while maintaining optimized investor records.

Services for Private Companies

Cap table tracking is important to shareholder priorities. Advanced tracking software can help by synchronizing updates with transfer agents and providing real-time information on stock transactions and issuances. Tracking software can also issue equity and derivatives, such as options and RSUs, and create personal reports necessary to stock option tracking, such as vesting schedules.

Services for Public Companies

An SEC-registered cap table management provider can also provide a wide variety of other services by acting as a transfer agent, helping complete an IPO, trade on OTC markets and national stock exchanges or apply for eligibility for deposits on the DTC and prepare for annual meetings.

Crowdfunding Services

Online cap table tracking and transfer agent services are also beneficial to small and emerging businesses, allowing them oversight on their cap tables while keeping launch costs to a minimum with such offerings as regulation A+, D and CF fundraising.

Employee Plan Administration

Cap table management also increases efficiency in the administration of stock option plans for employees and employee stock option purchase plans, ESPP, with online management of such items as investor documents and stock issuances for both issuers and shareholders.

A Cap Table Management Provider

An SEC-registered transfer agent in Salt Lake City can provide online cap table tracking services, including funding software and integrated crowdfunding portals, investor management, IPO assistance, consultation and compliance and cap table management and updates for private and public business. Contact EquityTrack at (877) 285-8605 or visit online at to set up an account.

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