5 of the Best Tools for Financial Advisors

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Financial Services

In the fast-paced world of financial advisory services, you need to embrace tools and hacks that will give you a competitive edge. Using these tools means leveraging advancements in technology to make inroads in this sector. In terms of computer software, there are various options available such as MoneyGuidePro, eMoney, and so on. Whereas these are core to financial advising practice, there are other general tools that can boost your productivity and customer experience.

The best tools for financial advisors will help you cement your digital footprint and increase your customer interaction. They include:


This tool enables you to deep-dive into the patterns of potential customers. You will learn the keywords that users are searching for and pointers on optimizing your website to be among the top search results displayed. You can get leads on content to feature on your site and even analyze competitor sites for insights.

Email capture form and Automatic Email Scheduler tool

This tool should launch automatically when new users log on to your site and request them to leave their emails. You will now have an avenue of continued engagement with your clients. You can also go ahead and have a tool to automate your emails. This information will enable you to guide your client to take the next step and eventually engage your services.

CRM software

Client Relations Management (CRM) will enable you to centralize all your client contacts, needs, preferences, and other important information. You can now keep track of current and even prospective customers. You can tell at a glance where you are with any client. This intimate knowledge of a client’s needs and preferences will set you apart from your run-of-the-mill financial advisor and give you a leg up.

Nest Egg Estimator

This is a Google app that can, as the name suggests, give an estimate of how much a client can expect when they retire. It offers future projections based on current earnings, debts, taxes, and other variables. It’s versatile in that it incorporates even changes in career and different possible scenarios.


This tool enables you to control all your social media accounts from one platform. You can plan and schedule your posts to more effectively to the widest possible audience.

There more tools aside from the five mentioned here, but regardless of the one you pick, they will help improve your client’s experience while streamlining your corporate image Financial Advisors.

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