Items to Discuss with the Fire Insurance Agents West Des Moines, IA

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Insurance

Fire disasters occur without warning in businesses. They often occur at night. While fire codes require some protection methods, there is usually damage before it could be put out. These are some of the items to discuss with the insurance agents about business fire protection.

The approximate amount of inventory present in the business is something to discuss with the fire insurance agents West Des Moines IA. The inventory is usually among the first items to get destroyed in the fire. Knowing approximately how much stock on the floor will help to determine the amount of coverage needed for replacement of damaged items. While inventory numbers do change, an average should be obtained. While this number does not include the cost of stands or display cases, it is a good starting point for estimating costs.

Another item to have on hand is an approximation of the cost of the property and building. While it is not necessary to get an appraisal done, an estimated cost can be obtained from tax records. If the building is recent, the cost can be obtained from adding up the construction receipts. While the building may never get fully destroyed by fire, replacement costs should be considered if other types of insurance don’t cover this cost.

Fire will spread. It can spread very rapidly especially with attached buildings. Coverage for collateral damage should also be discussed with Fire Insurance Agents West Des Moines IA. While each business should have its own fire insurance, there still can be issues if fault is found. This number should be judged based on the surrounding businesses property values. It is also extra liability coverage in case the business next door doesn’t have insurance and decides to sue to recover damages.

Fire damage hurts the operation of a business. Even with sprinkler systems and a quick response, the damage can still be extensive. It is critical to making sure the business is fully covered and protected by insurance. This will ensure a business can get back on its feet after a disaster has happened.

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